About the artist

M. Sunflower is a culturally diverse Australian artist who identifies as living with disabilities.

A descendant of the Aboriginal Warmuli people of the Darug Nation, Lebanese post-war migrants, Chinese gold rush miners and UK convicts, M. Sunflower embodies the diverse ancestral legacy of Australia’s painful and complex colonial past.

She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photomedia) from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, and in 2016 was an inaugural recipient in the Emerge Program, an engagement project between the Art Gallery of NSW and Front Up, a Western Sydney based arts and culture program and hub, founded by Ability Options.

She is currently Co-Director at Firstdraft on the 2021-22 Board of Directors, and 2021 projects included: a solo photographic exhibition in June 2021 as part of Artspace Ideas Platform, a Panel Talk for Arts Activated 2021, and exhibition works for Fairfield Museum and Gallery, Off The Wall Gallery, and Accessible Arts. She was a finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize 2021.

Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses photography, video, multimedia and installation, which she deploys to bring visibility to issues and experiences related to identity, trauma and disability. A strong believer in art as activism, she is founder and curating contributor of Off The Wall Gallery, Sydney, an outdoor and online exhibiting initiative centred on creating opportunities for marginalised artists, including those living with physical and mental disability. She is a strong advocate for human rights and works actively to create opportunities and support for marginalised peoples of all identities.


2009 Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts, SCA, USYD


1999 Metro Screen Tv & Video Production


2021 Recruited to Board of Directors, Firstdraft

2020 Off The Wall Gallery, Curator

2020 OTWG Artists Collective for Artists With Disabilities, Co-ordinator

2019 Obscured Residency, 107 Projects, Hack Sounds x Murmuration

2019-2020 Front Up Co-ordinator and Administrator of GOG!

2019 ReCollection: Interviewing William BIL Anderson, The Art Gallery of NSW

2019 Artist Talks: Asking Difficult Questions, Vivid Art After Hours, AGNSW

2019 Transformers: Creating Change Through Personal Impact, Arts Activated

2019 AwesomeSauce, Vivid Ideas Exchange, MCA Australia

2019 Camera Lucida Drawing Presentation, MCA Australia

2019 GOG! Artist Talk by Artists Living with a Disability and AGNSW, RPA

2017 ANZ Customer Weekend A rtist Demonstration: Optical Reflections,
Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: Masterpieces from the
Rijksmuseum, A GNSW

2018 MCA Zine Launch, Artist Manifesto, live performance, MCA Australia

2017 AGNSWPanelTalkArtAndHealthConference, AGNSW

2017 Create NSW, FACS Live, Work, Play: NSW the State of Inclusion, ICC Sydney

2016 Panel Discussion: Front Up Emerge, The Art Gallery of NSW


2021 Firstdraft 2021 Auction, Firstdraft
20212021″, Fully accessible online exhibition in collaboration with Allison Reynolds and Accessible Arts. Part of Arts Activated Conference.
2021 Fearless Fat, Artspace
2020 OTWG Collective , Off The Wall Gallery

2019 Obscured Showing, 107 Projects, Hack Sounds x Murmuration

2019 GOG! Showcase, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 12th March

2018 Get Out Of The Garret Launch, Suitcase Popup, Art Gallery of NSW

2018 PACT Salon: The Wild Things

2018 IlluminARTe Wollondilly 2018

2017-18 Recovery In Art, Being, Mental Health Commission, Gladesville

2017 Recovery In Art, Being, NSW Parliament House

2017 Live, Work, Play: NSW the State of Inclusion, ICC, Sydney

2016 Makers Matter, Gaffa Gallery

2016 I’m Still Here, Barangaroo, Front Up, AGNSW, and Ability Options

2016 Sydney’s Smallest Gallery 2016, Nauti Studios

2015-16 Recovery In Art, Being, NSW Mental Health Commission

2000-01 Northern Exposure, Mosman Art Gallery


2020 OTWG Collective , Off The Wall Gallery

2016 Modern Princess by Edull, Off The Wall Gallery, St Peters

2016 MaryCry Art Exhibition, Off The Wall Gallery, St Peters

2016 Freedom From Perception by Deb Chilton, Off The Wall Gallery, St Peters

2015 A Very Merry Gallery Warming, Off The Wall Gallery, St Peters

2011-13 I Heart Gallery, Newtown & Ulladulla

2012 Off The Wall, Sydney Fringe Festival


2017 M. Sunflower’s Artist Manifesto: An #ArtForAnxiety Colouring Book,
Book Machine (Sydney) II, Artspace, Woolloomoolloo

2017 The Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2017–20, AGNSW

2017 Being, Artist Stories, 23 August

2016 Mornings with Wendy Harmer, 702 Sydney 14 November

2015 Recovery In Art, Sydney Morning Herald