Self Portrait As Rhizome

Self Portrait As Rhizome

Self Portrait As Rhizome by M. Sunflower 2016
Mixed Media, 3 Channel Video Installation

A preview of the 3 channel video installation originally exhibited at I’m Still Here, 2016, The Cutaway Barangaroo, a collaboration with Front Up, The Art Gallery of NSW, and Ability Options.

Though the word rhizome is derived from a Greek word meaning “to take root”, the rhizome is not about the common tree structure whose branches have all grown from a single trunk.

Rhizome subverts such traditional hierarchies.

Rhizome offers liberation from these structures of power and dominance.

Rhizome has no beginning, no centre and no end.

Rhizome can be entered from any point, and all points are connected.

When injured or broken at one site, rhizome simply forms a new connection that emerges elsewhere.

Rhizome is not about what is or what was, but about what might be.

To quote Deleuze and Guattari: “The surface can be interrupted and moved, but these disturbances leave no trace, as the water is charged with pressure and potential to always seek its equilibrium, and thereby establish smooth space.”